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Don’t wait for a crisis to start planning your public relations strategy. Instead, make a smart investment in the longtime health and reputation of your business now with GRÜN Public.

An operation with a strong public image, legally compliant practices, and positive involvement in the community can weather any storms that come its way–but only if its leaders know how to shape public dialogue, craft a clear message, and connect effectively with stakeholders at all levels.

GRÜN Public will analyze the position and status of your operation and devise an effective strategy to connect you with key public stakeholders, including elected officials and their staffs, journalists for local and national publications and media outlets, and identified community influencers.

We’ll work with you to promote and manage your brand through traditional and social media, explain how to create an effective press campaign, and guide you through the creation of mission and value statements and advocacy positions. If a crisis strikes, we’ll handle press communications and damage containment so you can concentrate on providing uninterrupted patient care.

Protect your reputation before it’s too late. Contact us today to find out how GRÜN Public can promote your brand and keep your business secure.



  • Stakeholder Outreach

  • Crisis Communications

  • Brand Management

  • Press Strategy

  • Government Relations

Crisis Management and
Sustainable Growth Solutions
for the Medical Cannabis Industry