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Your team is one of your most valuable assets. But do you know how to recruit and keep the best employees for your business?  Are your managers working effectively? AreAre you ensuring that every member’s practices are in full legal compliance with the laws and guidelines of your jurisdiction?  Too often, operators lack the training and resources to effectively administer a top-notch human resources program while also keeping up to date on current compliance and liability issues related to patient care and staff practices.

That’s where GRÜN People comes in. As a GRÜN People client, you’ll receive a full assessment of your current human resources program, outlining strengths and weaknesses and pointing out where you may be at risk. We’ll work with you to design a professional on-call HR program tailored expressly for your needs, including talent recruitment. Finally, we’ll deliver a complete, legally compliant, customized handbook for your staff members, including online access for key updates. Our experts will be available to assist you through any challenging HR situations, in order to help you avoid liability and return to patient care.

Your staff is vital to the health of your collective. Support their well being and protect yourself through GRÜN People. Contact us today!

  • Talent Recruiting

  • Full Legal Compliance

  • Payroll & Reporting

  • Strategic Direction

Crisis Management and
Sustainable Growth Solutions
for the Medical Cannabis Industry