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GRÜN Legal is our core compliance solution for dispensary and delivery collectives. As a GRUN Legal client, you, the operator, and your member-employees are equipped with immediate access to critical legal and crisis management resources if a law enforcement event occurs.

As soon as you alert us, we’ll arrange for a highly select, cannabis-specific attorney to intervene on your behalf. We’ll provide the funding support required to bring your case to the best possible outcome, up to and including trial.

Meanwhile, our crisis management team will offer continued support through any issues pertaining to the incident. We’ll handle public relations and press communications, smooth out disrupted logistics, and coordinate the myriad activities necessary for a rapid resolution of the incident.

Most importantly, we’ll help you avoid problems before they happen. As a GRÜN Legal client, you’ll get a thorough risk assessment detailing the strengths and weaknesses in your practices, detailing crucial issues of legal compliance and security for you and your staff. With GRÜN Legal, yon can focus more on patients and worry less about the law.

Contact us todayObtain the means to keep serving your patients, even in the face of  law enforcement bent on halting your efforts.

  • Incident Response

  • Integrated PR

  • Legal Intervention

  • Continued Operations

Crisis Management and
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