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Mission-driven medical cannabis organizations need strong leadership and a comprehensive investment in core best practices. To build, grow, and maintain a successful patient-centered endeavor, your organization needs to know the unique governance issues facing businesses within the not-for-profit, legally-permitted dispensary and cultivation markets.

GRÜN Governance provides expert analysis and best practices to collectives both large and small. In the course of engagement, clients receive a primary document review, a complete, prioritized analysis of current issues from urgent to long-term, an outline of improvement opportunities, a scaled intervention plan, and a strategic growth map to align future execution with leadership’s vision.

Once these plans are in place, we guide clients through each step of the adoption of these new practices through work plan development, meeting facilitation, one-on-one coaching, and regular project status reviews.

Great success can only grow from a strong foundation. Contact us today for a complimentary analysis of your governance situation.

  • By-laws Analysis

  • Vision Alignment

  • Growth Strategy

  • Community Reinvestment

  • Issue Resolution

Crisis Management and
Sustainable Growth Solutions
for the Medical Cannabis Industry