About GRÜN

GRÜN Strategic provides critical support services for legally permitted medical cannabis cultivators and dispensaries.

Whether you’re a cultivator, dispensary owner, or potential investor, GRUN Strategic can help you navigate the ever-changing complexities of medical cannabis production, patient services, and public relations in an increasingly competitive market. As patients demand a higher level of service, and as the legal climate becomes more challenging from state to state, only those operators who have secured the most energetic mix of growth resources and smart risk management tools can count on success.

With offices in Northern California, Orange County, and New York City, GRÜN Strategic is uniquely equipped to guide clients during each stage of funding, operational refinement, and growth. GRÜN’s principals can offer more than four decades of specialized experience in the fields of medical cannabis, sustainable agriculture, finance, logistics, communications, and marketing.

Smart strategy, nimble execution, and solving the unexpected — together, we bring new tools and expertise to your patient community.

Crisis Management and
Sustainable Growth Solutions
for the Medical Cannabis Industry