A Shift in the Ocean State?

:: Posted 08/25/11 ::

According to recent reports, it appears that Governor Lincoln Chaffee may soon lift his hold on the licenses for the three approved dispensary permit holders, which he exerted last spring in reaction to a Melinda Haag-style scare memo from Rhode Island’s U.S. Attorney, Peter F. Neronha.

Much of the credit for this development should go to the intrepid folks from the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center (who, through their relentless outreach and advocacy work, have clearly risen to the top of the RI permit-holder pile), and JoAnne Leppanen, the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Patient’s Advocacy Coalition.

From the start, her group has rallied patients, caregivers, and compassionate citizens to pressure Chaffee’s office with a steady stream of calls and emails.

And perhaps the earthquake Tuesday morning helped shake up the landscape. Or, the good Governor knows that both Big Papi and Hurricane Irene could soon be barreling towards him, too.


:: By Scott Hawkins ::
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